24 IV 2015 - PET bottle from 11 litre to 5 gallon

One of our customers asked us to work on its bottles portfolio. To 5 gallon format, we added a new mould format: an 11 litre bottle for the home market.

This bottle is designed to work with our RSBM programme:

  • same production line
  • same preform format
  • same side handle
  • one mould by bottle (so two)

This bottle is designed for a better logistic:

  • fully compatible with standard pallets (18 bottles layer on EURO pallet)
  • high bottle/water density per pallet (+139%/+26% compared to 5 gallon bottles in classic crates)

I must add this bottle looks great specially on the slim coolers and table top-coolers, it is the ideal bottle for the home market.

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