5 gallon PET bottle

HODMETER supplies packaging for 5 gallon bottled water business (Home & Office Delivery):


Ôśů MonoCap cap (┬ź┬ánon spill┬á┬╗ 55 mm cap)

Ôśů 5 gallon refillable PET bottle

Ôśů Preform to blow bottle


Ôśů Setup assistance to blow bottle

Ôśů Accessories for HOD business

HODMETER features clear, straightforward business rules to ensure:


  • 1. Transparent, fair and dynamic pricing
  • 2. Quality products with reliable shipping dates based on standard production lead times
  • 3. Direct and easy order process primarily via e-mail (or fax)


To learn more about order management consult the HODMETERÔÇÖS BUSINESS RULES SUMMARY. Refer to our SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS for any interpretation.


´╗┐Leaks ´╗┐are ´╗┐critical ´╗┐for ´╗┐HOD ´╗┐business. ´╗┐A ´╗┐dripping ´╗┐bottle ´╗┐creates ´╗┐extra ´╗┐costs ´╗┐and ´╗┐customer ´╗┐losses. ´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐is ´╗┐perfect ´╗┐closure ´╗┐to ´╗┐stop ´╗┐it.


´╗┐The ´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐2CE ´╗┐conception ´╗┐brings ´╗┐great ´╗┐benefits:

  • ´╗┐ÔŚć ´╗┐A ´╗┐non-spill ´╗┐system ´╗┐with ´╗┐a ´╗┐cost ´╗┐effective ´╗┐design
  • ´╗┐ÔŚć ´╗┐A ´╗┐bi-injected ´╗┐seal ´╗┐for ´╗┐top ´╗┐tightness ´╗┐and ´╗┐optimum ´╗┐hygiene
  • ´╗┐ÔŚć ´╗┐A ´╗┐sealed ´╗┐plastic ´╗┐label ´╗┐(no ´╗┐glue ´╗┐or ´╗┐metal ´╗┐coating)


´╗┐Implement ´╗┐the ´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐cap ´╗┐does ´╗┐not ´╗┐need ´╗┐extra ´╗┐investment ´╗┐for ´╗┐capping ´╗┐and ´╗┐decapping ´╗┐operations, ´╗┐the ´╗┐bottler ´╗┐works ´╗┐easily ´╗┐with ´╗┐this ´╗┐model. ´╗┐The ´╗┐specific ´╗┐design ´╗┐of ´╗┐the ´╗┐non-spill ´╗┐system ´╗┐improves ´╗┐the ´╗┐bottle ´╗┐and ´╗┐coolerÔÇÖs ´╗┐spike ´╗┐interaction ´╗┐and ´╗┐avoids ´╗┐the ´╗┐floating ´╗┐valve ´╗┐issue. ´╗┐All ´╗┐caps ´╗┐are ´╗┐checked ´╗┐during ´╗┐production ´╗┐for ´╗┐shape ´╗┐and ´╗┐leakage, ´╗┐and ´╗┐U.V. ´╗┐sterilised ´╗┐avoiding ´╗┐human ´╗┐intervention ´╗┐before ´╗┐packing. ´╗┐All ´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐components ´╗┐are ´╗┐recyclable ´╗┐together ´╗┐depending ´╗┐on ´╗┐local ´╗┐recycling ´╗┐method.


´╗┐To ´╗┐test ´╗┐your ´╗┐samples ´╗┐or ´╗┐visit ´╗┐our ´╗┐production ´╗┐lines, ´╗┐please ´╗┐contact ´╗┐us.


´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐is ´╗┐patented ´╗┐and ´╗┐injected ´╗┐by ´╗┐Viki ´╗┐Plast ´╗┐in ´╗┐accordance ´╗┐with ´╗┐HACCP ´╗┐and ´╗┐ISO ´╗┐9001:2000. ´╗┐MonoCap ´╗┐is ´╗┐food ´╗┐compatible ´╗┐in ´╗┐accordance ´╗┐with ´╗┐last ´╗┐Europe ´╗┐legislations.

5 gallon non spill cap

PET bottles are

BPA free

´╗┐refillable ´╗┐ÔÖ╗´ŞĆ

´╗┐recyclable ´╗┐ÔÖ│

phthalates free

´╗┐available ´╗┐with ´╗┐handle

´╗┐from ´╗┐10 ´╗┐litre ´╗┐to ´╗┐5 ´╗┐gallon


´╗┐PET ´╗┐bottles ´╗┐have ´╗┐a ´╗┐good ´╗┐durability ´╗┐and ´╗┐a ´╗┐great ´╗┐impact ´╗┐resistance. ´╗┐The ´╗┐bottles ´╗┐are ´╗┐available ´╗┐with ´╗┐handle ´╗┐and ´╗┐can ´╗┐be ´╗┐customised. ´╗┐The ´╗┐injected ´╗┐neck ´╗┐brings ´╗┐a ´╗┐high ´╗┐tightness.┬á ´╗┐Our ´╗┐PET ´╗┐preforms ´╗┐bring ´╗┐higher ´╗┐outstanding ´╗┐clarity ´╗┐with ´╗┐no ´╗┐stress ´╗┐cracking.


´╗┐Our ´╗┐RSBM ´╗┐program ´╗┐helps ´╗┐bottler ´╗┐to ´╗┐produce ´╗┐bottles ´╗┐from ´╗┐10 ´╗┐litre ´╗┐to ´╗┐5 ´╗┐gallon ´╗┐when ´╗┐and ´╗┐where ´╗┐they ´╗┐need ´╗┐them. ´╗┐The ´╗┐PET ´╗┐bottles ´╗┐are ´╗┐cost ´╗┐effective ´╗┐including ´╗┐production ´╗┐and ´╗┐logistic.


´╗┐To ´╗┐test ´╗┐your ´╗┐samples ´╗┐or ´╗┐visit ´╗┐a ´╗┐production ´╗┐lines, ´╗┐please ´╗┐contact ´╗┐us.

5 gallon PET bottle
bonbonne PET 18,9 litres 5 gallons

´╗┐PET ´╗┐preform

´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐┬á ´╗┐to ´╗┐blow ´╗┐bottle

´╗┐Our ´╗┐PET ´╗┐preform ´╗┐is ´╗┐injected ´╗┐to ´╗┐blow ´╗┐refillable ´╗┐bottle

´╗┐from ´╗┐10 ´╗┐litre ´╗┐to ´╗┐5 ´╗┐gallon


´╗┐Its ´╗┐specific ´╗┐design ´╗┐brings ´╗┐the ´╗┐best ´╗┐biaxial ´╗┐orientation ´╗┐with ´╗┐a ´╗┐great ´╗┐planar ´╗┐stretch ´╗┐ratio ´╗┐for ´╗┐a ´╗┐five ´╗┐gallon ´╗┐bottle. ´╗┐The ´╗┐bottle ´╗┐is ´╗┐stronger ´╗┐with ´╗┐our ´╗┐preform ´╗┐than ´╗┐others... ´╗┐even ´╗┐heavier! ´╗┐The ´╗┐special ´╗┐PET ´╗┐grade ´╗┐includes ´╗┐a ´╗┐high ´╗┐intrinsic ´╗┐viscosity ´╗┐with ´╗┐no ´╗┐regrind. ´╗┐Those ´╗┐two ´╗┐elements ´╗┐are ´╗┐crucial ´╗┐to ´╗┐blow ´╗┐the ´╗┐best ´╗┐bottle ´╗┐with ´╗┐high ´╗┐transparency ´╗┐and ´╗┐a ´╗┐low ´╗┐acetaldehyde ´╗┐level.


´╗┐The ´╗┐neck ´╗┐dimension ´╗┐is ´╗┐compatible ´╗┐with ´╗┐all ´╗┐55 ´╗┐mm ´╗┐cap. ´╗┐The ´╗┐preform ´╗┐is ´╗┐also ´╗┐available ´╗┐with ´╗┐an ´╗┐optional ´╗┐neck ´╗┐ring ´╗┐for ´╗┐handling ´╗┐on ´╗┐automatic ´╗┐blowing ´╗┐line.


´╗┐We ´╗┐are ´╗┐also ´╗┐injecting ´╗┐PET ´╗┐side ´╗┐handle ´╗┐for ´╗┐related ´╗┐bottle ´╗┐(see ´╗┐here). ´╗┐Our ´╗┐preform ´╗┐is ´╗┐injected ´╗┐in ´╗┐Europe ´╗┐under ´╗┐ISO ´╗┐9001:2015 ´╗┐and ´╗┐food ´╗┐compatible ´╗┐in ´╗┐accordance ´╗┐with ´╗┐last ´╗┐Europe ´╗┐legislations.


´╗┐To ´╗┐test ´╗┐your ´╗┐sample ´╗┐or ´╗┐visit ´╗┐our ´╗┐production ´╗┐line, ´╗┐please ´╗┐contact ´╗┐us.

5 gallon PET preform

RSBM: from preform to bottle

Our RSBM support includes production line and training, the preform and handle supply; and allows to bottler to blow bottle on demand.


This system is cost effective:

  • ÔŚć Easy to operate: the preforms are simply reheated and stretched-blowed in bottles from 10 litre to 5 gallon with an optional side handle
  • ÔŚć A semi-automatic line is a basic investment with easy maintenance for a single operator
  • ÔŚć The output is about 90 bottles per hour for a semi-automatic line up to 400 bottles per hour for automatic line
  • ÔŚć The preform logistic is efficient (13ÔÇÖ860 preforms loaded in a 20 foots ISO container vs only 1050 bottles)

´╗┐HODMETER ´╗┐assists ´╗┐bottler ´╗┐to ´╗┐adapt ´╗┐the ´╗┐washing ´╗┐process ´╗┐to ´╗┐PET, ´╗┐trains ´╗┐the ´╗┐operator ´╗┐on ´╗┐their ´╗┐production ´╗┐line ´╗┐and ´╗┐shares ´╗┐experience ´╗┐(design, ´╗┐economicsÔÇŽ).


´╗┐HODMETER ´╗┐can ´╗┐also ´╗┐supply ´╗┐and ´╗┐setup ´╗┐semi-automatic ´╗┐line ´╗┐like ´╗┐L-BS511 ´╗┐line ´╗┐from ´╗┐our ´╗┐partner ´╗┐LeBao.


´╗┐To ´╗┐work ´╗┐on ´╗┐your ´╗┐project, ´╗┐visit ´╗┐a ´╗┐production ´╗┐line ´╗┐operating, ´╗┐please ´╗┐contact ´╗┐us.

PET preform and bottle 5 gallon

Cup dispenser

  • ÔÇó 100 plastic cups
  • ÔÇó ├ś 68-72 mm cup┬á
  • ÔÇó supplied with bracket


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