5 gallon PET bottle

HODMETER supplies packaging for 5 gallon water bottle business (Home & Office Delivery):

MonoCap cap (55 mm « non spill » cap)

Preform to blow 5 gallon bottle

5 gallon refillable PET bottle

Setup assistance to blow bottle

Accessories for HOD business

HODMETER features clear, straightforward business rules to ensure:

  • 1. Transparent, fair and dynamic pricing
  • 2. Quality products with reliable shipping dates based on standard production lead times
  • 3. Direct and easy order process primarily via e-mail (or fax)

To learn more about order management consult the HODMETER’S BUSINESS RULES SUMMARY. Refer to our SALES TERMS AND CONDITIONS for any interpretation.


‍Leaks ‍are ‍critical ‍for ‍HOD ‍business. ‍A ‍dripping ‍bottle ‍creates ‍extra ‍costs ‍and ‍customer ‍losses. ‍MonoCap ‍is ‍perfect ‍closure ‍to ‍stop ‍it.

‍The ‍MonoCap ‍2CE ‍conception ‍brings ‍great ‍benefits:

  • ‍◆A ‍non-spill ‍system ‍with ‍a ‍cost ‍effective ‍design
  • ‍◆A ‍bi-injected ‍seal ‍for ‍top ‍tightness ‍and ‍optimum ‍hygiene
  • ‍◆A ‍sealed ‍plastic ‍label ‍(no ‍glue ‍or ‍metal ‍coating)

‍Implement ‍the ‍MonoCap ‍cap ‍does ‍not ‍need ‍extra ‍investment ‍for ‍capping ‍and ‍decapping ‍operations, ‍the ‍bottler ‍works ‍easily ‍with ‍this ‍model. ‍The ‍specific ‍design ‍of ‍the ‍non-spill ‍system ‍improves ‍the ‍bottle ‍and ‍cooler’s ‍spike ‍interaction ‍and ‍avoids ‍the ‍floating ‍valve ‍issue. ‍All ‍caps ‍are ‍checked ‍during ‍production ‍for ‍shape ‍and ‍leakage, ‍and ‍U.V. ‍sterilised ‍avoiding ‍human ‍intervention ‍before ‍packing. ‍All ‍MonoCap ‍components ‍are ‍recyclable ‍together ‍depending ‍on ‍local ‍recycling ‍method.

‍To ‍test ‍your ‍samples ‍or ‍visit ‍our ‍production ‍lines, ‍please ‍contact ‍us.

‍MonoCap ‍is ‍patented ‍and ‍injected ‍by ‍Viki ‍Plast ‍in ‍accordance ‍with ‍HACCP ‍and ‍ISO ‍9001:2000. ‍MonoCap ‍is ‍food ‍compatible ‍in ‍accordance ‍with ‍last ‍Europe ‍legislations.

55 mm cap
5 gallon non spill cap

PET bottles are

BPA free

‍refillable ‍♻️

‍recyclable ‍

phthalates free

‍available ‍with ‍handle

‍from ‍10 ‍litre ‍to ‍5 ‍gallon

‍PET ‍bottles ‍have ‍a ‍good ‍durability ‍and ‍a ‍great ‍impact ‍resistance. ‍The ‍bottles ‍are ‍available ‍with ‍handle ‍and ‍can ‍be ‍customised. ‍The ‍injected ‍neck ‍brings ‍a ‍high ‍tightness.  Our ‍PET ‍preforms ‍bring ‍higher ‍outstanding ‍clarity ‍with ‍no ‍stress ‍cracking.

‍Our ‍RSBM ‍program ‍helps ‍bottler ‍to ‍produce ‍bottles ‍from ‍10 ‍litre ‍to ‍5 ‍gallon ‍when ‍and ‍where ‍they ‍need ‍them. ‍The ‍PET ‍bottles ‍are ‍cost ‍effective ‍including ‍production ‍and ‍logistic.

‍To ‍test ‍your ‍samples ‍or ‍visit ‍a ‍production ‍lines, ‍please ‍contact ‍us.

5 gallon PET bottle
PET 18,9 litre 5 gallon bottle

‍PET ‍preform

‍              to ‍blow ‍bottle

‍Our ‍PET ‍preform ‍is ‍injected ‍to ‍blow ‍refillable ‍bottle

‍from ‍10 ‍litre ‍to ‍5 ‍gallon

‍Its ‍specific ‍design ‍brings ‍the ‍best ‍biaxial ‍orientation ‍with ‍the ‍best ‍planar ‍stretch ‍ratio ‍for ‍a ‍five ‍gallon ‍bottle. ‍The ‍bottle ‍is ‍stronger ‍with ‍our ‍preform ‍than ‍others... ‍even ‍heavier! ‍The ‍special ‍PET ‍grade ‍includes ‍a ‍high ‍intrinsic ‍viscosity ‍with ‍no ‍regrind. ‍Those ‍two ‍elements ‍are ‍crucial ‍to ‍blow ‍the ‍best ‍bottle ‍with ‍high ‍transparency ‍and ‍a ‍low ‍acetaldehyde ‍level.

‍The ‍neck ‍dimension ‍is ‍compatible ‍with ‍all ‍55 ‍mm ‍cap. ‍The ‍preform ‍is ‍also ‍available ‍with ‍an ‍optional ‍neck ‍ring ‍for ‍handling ‍on ‍automatic ‍blowing ‍line.

‍We ‍are ‍also ‍injecting ‍PET ‍side ‍handle ‍for ‍related ‍bottle ‍(see ‍here). ‍Our ‍preform ‍is ‍injected ‍in ‍Europe ‍under ‍ISO ‍9001:2015 ‍and ‍food ‍compatible ‍in ‍accordance ‍with ‍last ‍Europe ‍legislations.

‍To ‍test ‍your ‍sample ‍or ‍visit ‍our ‍production ‍line, ‍please ‍contact ‍us.

5 gallon PET preform

RSBM: from preform to bottle

Our RSBM support includes production line and training, the preform and handle supply; and allows to bottler to blow bottle on demand.

This system is cost effective:

  • Easy to operate: the preforms are simply reheated and stretched-blowed in bottles from 10 litre to 5 gallon with an optional side handle
  • A semi-automatic line is a basic investment with easy maintenance for a single operator
  • The output is about 90 bottles per hour for a semi-automatic line up to 400 bottles per hour for automatic line
  • The preform logistic is efficient (13’860 preforms loaded in a 20 foots ISO container vs only 1050 bottles)

‍HODMETER ‍assists ‍bottler ‍to ‍adapt ‍the ‍washing ‍process ‍to ‍PET, ‍trains ‍the ‍operator ‍on ‍their ‍production ‍line ‍and ‍shares ‍experience ‍(design, ‍economics…).

‍HODMETER ‍can ‍also ‍supply ‍and ‍setup ‍semi-automatic ‍line ‍like ‍L-BS511 ‍line ‍from ‍our ‍partner ‍LeBao.

‍To ‍work ‍on ‍your ‍project ‍or ‍visit ‍a ‍production ‍line ‍operating, ‍please ‍contact ‍us.

PET preform and bottle 5 gallon

Cup dispenser

  • 100 plastic cups
  • Ø 68-72 mm cup 
  • supplied with bracket

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