20 IX 2017 - Give your feedback to European Commission about next Bisphenol A regulation!

European Commission will review the Bisphenol A regulation and edited the today draft of future regulation. The Commission would like to hear your views and you can give your feedback before 20 IX 2017…

More info on http://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/initiatives/ares-2017-4140854_en

The today draft includes:

  • A stronger limit for the Specific Migration Limit (SML) of 0,05 mg of BPA per kg of food (before 0,6 mg/kg), this limit is applying to plastic material like bottle,
  • An additional SML for packaging specifically aimed at children of 3 years or younger,
  • The prohibition remains in place on the BPA use in the manufacture of polycarbonate infant feeding bottles,…

Now the question is simple for water distributors using polycarbonate bottles in Europe:

How promote the health and safety of a product bottled

in a forbidden packaging for infant and toddler?

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