13 II 2020 - PET plastic recycle option: pavement!

PET plastic recycle is a significant issue that can be turned into a business opportunity.

About PET bottles, rPET is an excellent option but implementing a rPET solution is not so simple: you need a minimum amount of collected  PET to justify a large investment, and then you need a market for your material specially to produce new preform… competing with standard PET. This is not so simple and crazy expensive.

A simple way to recycle plastic could be in the building materials, especially pavement or tile. On the next videos you will be able to see experiences using melted plastic used as cement and mixed with sand to produce high quality pavement. This can be done manually (from a basic metal drum) and later with an extruder, the hot paste is then moulded manually or using a compression mould.

This « low tech » option can be a good business for local communities producing a useful material for local use. Read here an article from Le Monde (sorry in French language) about this experience with related video here. Here is an experience also in Kenia.

If you have experience, equipment or ideas, please share, HODMETER will support you.


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